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Thank you for visiting our website. As a visitor from a Department of Education, you are well aware of the challenges facing South Africa in the field of education.

Many of these challenges are difficult to overcome within departmental budgets and constraints, and it is to help departments in their process of educating learners that siyaJabula siyaKhula has been established.

At siyaJabula siyaKhula we are well aware of the fact that learners who are behind the curriculum are an obstacle to successfully delivering the curriculum within the required time frames. We also understand that the process of learning teaches basic concepts to learners, and then teaches more difficult concepts on top of these. It is like building a wall, where the bricks in one line rest on the bricks underneath. If the bricks underneath are missing or badly laid, the wall will crack or fall down.

If a learner does not understand enough of his or her work this year, then he or she will understand even less of the work next year. And this problem will keep getting worse year after year. Learners understand less and less of their work, and fall further and further behind the curriculum each year. This will slow down other learners around them, making completion of the curriculum more difficult. It will also make the ultimate Matric / Senior Certificate results worse over time for all learners.

At a department level, the focus has to be on the successful delivery of the curriculum. The primary focus of a Department of Education is to ensure that it is able to deliver a quality education according to the agreed curriculum to all learners within the agreed timeframe. Being aware of the challenges in education, Departments of Education like yourselves are engaged in the necessary ongoing improvements to fix the education process over the long term.

Departments and their educators do not, however, have the time and resources to completely address the needs of learners who have fallen behind the curriculum. These are learners who have not fully understood the material taught in previous years. These learners will need to go back to their foundations to fill in the gaps in their knowledge to enable them to participate fully in the education process. Once these learners are up to the required level, they will be able to receive the full benefit of the education process, and they will not hold other learners back. This will make the education process as a whole work faster, easier and better.

Our organisation is a learning support organisation dedicated to assisting learners receive the full benefit of their education. We use learner interventions that have been specially designed to enable us to utilise parents and members of the school community to provide learner upliftment.

Our organisation works alongside departments, schools and school governing bodies to assist learners without drawing on departmental or school people or resources. As the picture shows, siyaJabula siyaKhula works next to departments, schools and their teachers to help deliver the curriculum.

We do this through specially designed interventions and with teaching aids and resources. We have education specialists who can solve problems and find solutions, and we have training interventions to help teachers.

We work with each school to select unemployed parents from the community, and we train and pay the parents to deliver intervention our lessons. These lessons are specially designed so that parents can give the lessons even though they are not teachers.

We assess all learners at the beginning of the course of interventions, and we use this information to identify common problems. We then supply the school and the teachers with solutions to these common problems, so that the problems are solved for good.

The learner assessments are also used to group the learners so that they can get the maximum benefit from the interventions. Where learners are seen to have bigger than usual difficulties, extra remedial work is given to the learners who need it.

Regular assessments are carried out during the intervention to monitor progress, and detailed reports are available to both department and school.

All learner intervention material is supplied to the learners, so no learner is left behind because of a lack of resources.

siyaJabula siyaKhula also develops teaching aids and resources to help the learning process. These materials are circulated through the schools in our program, so that even schools who do not have enough resources can get the benefits.

If you would like to learn more about our organisation and how we can help you, please contact either Pat Murray on 082-776-4886 or Andrew Murray on 083-603-4588 to set up a meeting, or email us on the addresses on the contact us page. We will gladly tell you everything you need to know.

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