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siyaJabula siyaKhula is an organisation dedicated to education. We operate in a country that is facing enormous educational challenges. These challenges are so severe that with every year that passes, another 500,000 or more learners exit from the education system knowing less than half of their work.

Each learner who exits the system without obtaining a proper education disadvantages him or herself with respect to employment, and even worse, disadvantages the South African economy and every other South African. Over time, this problem can be expected to deteriorate unless measures by Departments of Education and organisations like ourselves take drastic action.

Our goals must necessarily be ambitious if we are to be effective in addressing the issues in education. It is with the scope and magnitude of the problems, and the size of the necessary goals in mind that we have designed and built siyaJabula siyaKhula.

our goals

250 gauteng schools in our program by december 2009

We intend to have 250 schools under our wing by the end of 2009. Based on the Gauteng average number of learners per school, and assuming sufficient funding, that will equal approximately 196,000 learners. Servicing this number of learners will mean that we have created 4,500 new jobs in the economy. We have selected this number as we believe that this is a feasible goal taking into account the duration of our school take on process, combined with the limitations imposed by the school holidays. If we are only able to fund this number through parent subscriptions, the expected number of learners may be of the order of 37,500, and the new jobs created of the order of 860.

all gauteng learners (1,894 million) in our program by december 2010

We intend to service all schools in Gauteng province by the end of 2010. Whilst this number may be a stretch target given the occurrence of the Soccer World Cup in this year, we believe that we go all out for it. Soccer World Cup aside, an additional 2,155 schools is an achievable target given our achievement of the 2009 goal. This again takes into account the limitations imposed by process and school holidays, and assumes sufficient funding. Achieving this goal will service 1,894 million learners, and create a total of almost 43,000 jobs.

all south african learners (12,1 million) in our program by december 2011

By the end of 2011, we aim to be in a position to assist all learners within South Africa. Our replicating model design makes extremely rapid rollout possible, so stretching across the country in a year is entirely possible, especially with a team that will have more than a year’s rollout experience behind it. Achieving this goal will fulfill our mission of educating the nation, and will service 12,1 million learners in 25,875 schools, employing upwards of 273,000 people.

In designing the routes to achieve these goals, we have included all training personnel and materials to ensure that our people are properly trained. We have also checked the possible scheduling and lead times on people, equipment and buildings for reasonableness.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help to sponsor a truly worthwhile initiative, please contact Andrew Murray directly on 083-603-4588 (+27836034588) or email . We would love to hear from you.

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