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Thank you for coming to visit us! We here at siyaJabula siyaKhula are here to help you learn. We believe that learning is something that will make you happy. In fact, our first governing principle is “Happy Growth”. We want you to learn, grow and be happy.

If you have been following the reports in the newspapers and on TV, you probably realise that you may be in danger of going to school and not getting a good education. There are many reasons for this, and some of them are listed in our challenges section on this website.

Instead of discussing the causes of poor education, we would rather make you aware of the effect that a poor education has on you.

The process of learning teaches you basic concepts, and then teaches you more difficult concepts on top of these. It is like building a wall, where the bricks in one line rest on the bricks underneath. If the bricks underneath are missing or badly laid, the wall will crack or fall down.

It is the same with your education. If you do not understand enough of your work this year, then you will understand even less of the work next year. And this problem will keep getting worse year after year. You will understand less and less of your work, and fall further and further behind the curriculum each year. This is what has happened to many of the children in our education system.

It is to fix these problems and give you the best possible chance of getting educated that siyaJabula siyaKhula has been created.

At the moment, we offer two types of interventions (courses) designed to help you get from where you are to the top of your class, and keep you there. These two interventions are Maths and English Reading.

Maths is important because it helps you understand many other subjects like science, accountancy and EMS. It is also useful in many other areas in life.

Reading is important because it helps you learn all your other subjects. Reading well means that you can understand your work, your text books, and most importantly, your exam questions. Learning to read well also teaches much about language, making you a much better learner in all your subjects.

We have found over many years experience that learners who do the work we set them improve by as much as 10%-30% in each subject. Usually, this improvement spreads into all their other subjects as their basic skills improve.

When you come to one of our intervention lessons, we will supply you with all the worksheets and other materials you will need. You will just need your own pens or pencils to do the work. This is one of the ways that we make sure that no learner gets left behind.

Another way we make sure you don’t get left behind is through regular assessments. These assessments show us how well you are doing. They also help us spot any areas of weakness you may have. If we find such an area, we will specially design extra work to help you understand and overcome the problem.

One of organisation’s governing principles is “Nothing for Mahala”. In learning, like in life, there is nothing for mahala. Even though we give you everything you need to learn, it is up to you to take responsibility for your life and your education. It is up to you to do the work and do the learning. No one else can learn for you, you have put in the time and make the effort. If you do, we guarantee that you will learn and grow.

In fact, we are so keen to see you do well that we will reward you for each section of work that you do well enough to meet our standards. We have badges, certificates and even trophies and prizes for learners who work according to our standards.

If you would like to bring siyaJabula siyaKhula to your school, please read How can I get my school to join the siyaJabula siyaKhula program? on our frequently asked questions page.

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