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  • How can I get my
    school to join the siyaJabula siyaKhula program?
  • What happens when
    my school joins the siyaJabula siyaKhula program?
  • I am a parent. How
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our mission:

We exist to

educate the nation

by engaging departments, schools, parents, learners and communities
to the benefit of all
through the application of our governing principles
in accordance with our values.

Our vision:

Our vision is an educated nation, made up of people who are prepared and capable of assuming global citizenship and contributing to the global economy.

our objectives:

We are a learning support organisation. We make it possible for parents to support the education process on behalf of learners, schools and departments.
We achieve our mission by fulfilling our objectives:

  • we support education departments through
    • involving parents and communities in the education process
    • uplifting learners to the required standards for participation in the curriculum
    • teacher training and support
    • supplying school resources
    • controlling and managing the distribution and circulation of resources
  • we support schools through
    • building the relationships between schools, parents and communities
    • providing learner interventions that enable learners to participate in class
    • monitoring learner progress
    • targeted teacher interventions
    • teaching aids and resources
  • we support learners through
    • learner focussed interventions
    • teaching the joy of learning through the experience of achievement
    • rewarding learners for progress to encourage participation
    • providing learning materials to ensure that no one gets left behind
    • provide targeted extra remedial support to make sure learners know their work
  • we grow parents through
    • providing training that improves their skills
    • providing work experience in a structured working environment
    • aiding personal development and growing confidence
    • earning money to live a better life
    • aiding them to help their children
  • we grow communities through
    • growing learners and parents to become productive citizens
    • providing employment for the unemployed
    • increasing economic activity
    • building better relationships between communities, parents, schools and learners
    • providing a better quality of life for all

our values:

We have three core values which guide our actions and decisions:

  • integrity

    Integrity means adhering to a moral code, maintaining an original state, and being a coherent, unconflicted whole. As a complex word, integrity represents an organisation that aligns all actions and decisions to its beliefs, from the time of its inception to the present time without change or deviation. In this sense integrity captures the very essence of siyaJabula siyaKhula.
  • transparency

    Transparency is an expression of confidence. We are an organisation governed by our values and principles, and the application of these must be visible in all decisions and actions. We are proud to acknowledge that our work is aligned to our beliefs.
  • humanity

    All our actions are guiding by the light of the fact that we work with and through people, and people are human. People have personalities, feelings and histories. Each person is unique, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. By honouring the humanity of all people we ensure that the humanity of our organisation is maintained, for the benefit of all humanity.

our governing principles:

We are governed by our governing principles, and are required to apply them with integrity, transparency and humanity to all activities in our organisation.

We have three governing principles:
  • "happy growth"

    The principle of "Happy Growth" is the cornerstone of siyaJabula siyaKhula. For us it combines the essences of both the human and development aspects of education. We believe that learning and working should be fun, that people should enjoy learning and working. If learning is a happy experience, learners will want to take part, and will come back for more. This principle extends to everyone involved in the organisation. Everyone who comes into contact with our organisation should grow, and the growing must be a happy process.
  • "nothing for mahala"

    "Nothing for Mahala" is a modern cultural concept in the true African style that compresses many meanings into a simple phrase. In its simplest translation, it means "Nothing for nothing", and in more complex ways it means "You get what you pay for", and " As you sow, so shall you reap". For us the meanings are extended to include equity and balance in transactions everybody must be paid in accordance with their contributions. Sponsors must receive the benefits promised and paid for. Departments must receive returns on their support. Parents and employees must benefit from the time and energy they spend with the organisation. This applies even to the learners, for if a learner does his or her work, she will grow. If he or she invests nothing then the benefit will be nothing.
  • "custodianship"

    Custodianship means taking care of people, property, assets and ideals so that they that they can be preserved for the maximum benefit of current and future generations. Ownership is simply means having the use of something for now. Custodianship means using it in the best possible way for now, looking after it, and then passing it on to the next generation.

    For us this means making the best possible use of assets, time, money and energy so that the best result can be achieved in line with the philosophy of our organisation. Then we pass on what we no longer need to where it will deliver the most benefit.

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