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  • How can I get my
    school to join the siyaJabula siyaKhula program?
  • What happens when
    my school joins the siyaJabula siyaKhula program?
  • I am a parent. How
    do I get involved?
Thank you for your interest in siyaJabula siyaKhula! We an siyaJabula siyaKhula believe we have a unique proposition for sponsors, schools and communities.

From a sponsor perspective, we provide the opportunity to triple the impact of your investment education, job creation and exposure. And we are happy to guarantee our results. We guarantee that every learner in our programs will progress. We guarantee that every parent who works with us will benefit. We guarantee that every school and community we work with will benefit. And we guarantee repeat exposure to all learners and parents in our care. Plus, we are happy to work with you where there is mutual benefit for growth for yourselves and our communities.

We are also able to offer additional routes for exposure that come from our position operating alongside schools and communities. Our organisation makes it possible to interact directly with schools and communities for events and other brand exposure opportunities. We are happy to facilitate the event setup and cleanup for our sponsors as part of our service. This limits the amount of time and energy that sponsors need to invest in reaching communities, and reduces exposure costs while guaranteeing direct exposure at the right level.

For example, if a sponsor were to sponsor a school, or part thereof, all educational material for that school (or the sponsored part) will be branded with the sponsors brands. The sponsor will be offered the opportunity to brand all siyaJabula siyaKhula hosted events, and the school will be asked to agree to the display of sponsor banners at all school events. siyaJabula siyaKhula will take responsibility for the banners, and will erect and collect them as part of the service. Where possibilities exist to use the material in community events, our organisation will explore the available avenues, and communicate them to our sponsors.

The basis of our sponsorship is a monthly or annual subscription per learner. We have a waiting list of schools desperately in need of sponsorship, and sponsorship can be done at a grade or school level for relatively low levels of investment. This makes it possible for sponsors to invest in increments if they are satisfied with the performance of our service.

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit by helping to sponsor a truly worthwhile initiative, please contact Andrew Murray directly on 083-603-4588 (+27836034588) or email andrew@sjsk.org.za.

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